Skills are a set of techniques that Monsters can learn and use in a battle as the Summoners desires. These determinates the role a Monster in battle and how it should be played. Skills differentiate into Active or Passive.

Active SkillsEdit

Each Monster can only have a maximum of four Active Skills to be used battle. There is a  an extensive variety of Skills of which the player can choose, noticing that each Skill is unique. The main difference between skills is their kind and from where they draw their power, Physical Skills draw their power from the Attack Status, while Magic Skills draw from the Magic Status. Some skills can also be used outside battle usually for the purpose of removing obstacles or explore the world.

Active: These are the most common and basics Skills. In battle, these Skills are limited in the way that they can be used, a monsters can only use these Skills when it is its turn and if it have an enough amount of energy determinated to spend. The amount of times a Monster can use a skill it's determined by how much energy it has and how much energy the skill spends.

Counter: Unlike Active Skills, these can be used whenever a monster, friendly or foe, uses a Skill. These skills are meant to counter the enemy's skill by redirecting the damage done to a monster to another or even stealing benefic powers from the enemy. Counters Skills have the disadvantage that after being used the player must wait a determined Tempo to be used them again, as a cooldown time. It still requires the determined amount of energy to be spent.

Support: These can be Active or Counter Skills, distinguished by the fact they are used meant to be used on friendly monsters giving them beneficial powers or increase the player's control of a battle.

Blocked: Skills that differentiate by the fact that their effect doesn't activate in the moment they are used but only after a specific Tempo. The effect will happen whenever the player wishes or not following activation. These skills can only be countered at the time that the effect occurs.

In Battle, skills

Contact: Is a term used to describe the condition when one Monsters in a battle physically touches the another when using a Skill. Most Skills based on the Attack Status require physical contact.


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Passive SkillsEdit




Players can always opt to let is Monster rest and not use any Skill on that turn. If so, the Monster recovers a specific amount of energy and is next turn will be sooner than supposed.

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