Monsters are powerful "mythological" beings that the player can summon and control. These are most used in battles between Summoners, who use their power to defeat their enemies or challenge each other.

Players can summon a maximum of five Monsters in battle that he pre-selected before leaving a safe point, he summons three monsters at the beggining, and can replace those with the others two if he wish or if another faints.

Available MonsterEdit

There are a total of XXX Monsters in the game since the 0.1 Patch. This list shows all the available Monsters in game at their maximum growth, as well as their names, attributes, types and genres.

# Name Type Genre Atrributes
1 Ari'el Mage Beast FIRE
2 X Tank Dragon EARTH
X Märid ? Spirit WATER
X Ifrït Mage Spirit FIRE
7 Wulfgrag Fighter Beast ICE* Water Air
*Double Attribute, example: ICE = Water + Air;


Each Monsters is based on: Attribute, Genre, Status Points, Type and Skills. This five topics creates unique monsters.

Attribute: It resembles the type of energy that a monster uses. There are six main types of energy: Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, Water and Wind. There are also Double Atributes, the combination of two main Attributes creating a new one: for example, a monster with Water and Wind Attribute can also be Ice. The Attribute(s) of a Monster can make difference is battle.

Genre: Defines the biological characteristics of a Monster. It has almost no effect in battle, but can define what Skills a Monster can have.

Status Points: This are the total numerical values that a monster has divided in six fields: Health points, Attack, Magic, Armor, Resistance and Speed. According how this values are assigned a monster can be considered Offensive, Defensive or even Support.

Type: The Monster's Type is defined by the Status Points. Offense type monsters have more Points in the fields of Attack, Magic and Speed, what makes them deal a lot of damage in battle, but quickly deplete their energy and their survival is low. These monster are most known as Fighters (physical damage) or Mages (magic damage). Defense type Monsters have more points in the fields of Armor and Resistence, but their speed is low, they're realiable on Counter Skills as taunts, and are mostly known as Tanks. Support type Monster have balanced Status Points, what defines this role on a Monster are mostly his skills.

Skills: Are the attacks or techniques that Monsters use in a battle. Each monster can have a maximum of four active Skills and at least one Passive Skill. In battle there's also the hability to rest: skips the monster turn so it can recover some energy. Like Monsters, Skills have their own Attribute, and most can only be learned by Monster with the same Attribute that the Skill. Skills can also be Magical or Physical.

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Growth and levelingEdit